Catch Salmon, Cutthroat and five other species of trout and char 


"Through the looking glass": Kids at Nashville show, fascinated by Bob White Springs display .

At Bob White Springs we specialize in trophy Trout and Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Lessons, Private Stocking, Aquarium Specimens, Fresh Filets, and also our own, multiple-species Trout and Atlantic Salmon Hatchery.

Species include: Grayling, Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead, Cutthroat, Brook Char, Brown, Rainbow, Tiger (Brown/Brook), Golden Rainbow, Sunset Albino and Blue Sky Trout. All species available year around for: Fishing, Stocking, Fresh Fillets and Aquarium Specimens.

Private Fly Fishing for you, your family, your clients, or a company event only 1 hour from Nashville -
Try your hand at fly fishing for all of our species of Trout and Atlantic Salmon right here in Middle Tennessee, without worry about generation schedules or muddy water, 365 days a year! We offer trophy fishing for all levels of experience, ages and sexes (indoor plumbing).  See what it is like to bring in some of these northern fish without having to travel long distances.  No fishing license required.  Call today to set up an appointment for your exclusive use.

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